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ask amy: possible stalking victim fears she may deserve it  -  outdoor camera system-Ansjer cctv English

超级福彩快三一定牛于:ask amy: possible stalking victim fears she may deserve it - outdoor camera system

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
ask amy: possible stalking victim fears she may deserve it  -  outdoor camera system
Dear amy: My former boss is following me.
I quit my job and now he drives by and visits my house and new workplace a lot.
Unfortunately, I had an affair with this person more than ten years ago.
I realized that I crossed the line with him.
I also stayed at work after things ended because I couldn't find a job anywhere else.
Now I feel like I should be tracked and there's nothing I can do about it.
I know that the best action is not action, but I get very frustrated, very anxious and want to commit suicide.
My job is part of the "community" and if I face him he decides to retaliate by dragging my name into the mud, I will not be able to continue working in my town. Help. —
Anonymous dear anonymous: you should seek professional help immediately.
If you have a feeling of suicide, you can contact the National lifeline for suicide prevention. org(800)273-
8255 communicate with counselors by phone or online.
You can send text to Crisis Text Line 741741 and ask for help immediately.
In the long run, you should be recommended by a consultant and committed to ongoing treatment.
You should not be followed and scared. No one does!
I don't think "the best thing to do is not to act.
"The best action is to take back some control of your life by valuing your own safety and security, by understanding that you have the right to live your life freely and safely.
If you feel empowered, some of your anxiety and depression may be relieved.
Improve your safety at home by installing outdoor lighting and camera systems.
You should make sure that people in your new workplace are aware of this.
The license plate number, brand, model and color of the vehicle are provided.
Their consciousness will help you feel (and be)more secure.
You don't need to disclose your previous and long-term
Nor should you take any responsibility for his actions.
Record in detail and accurately any time you see his car outside the house or workplace.
Seeking a protection order will help to inform the person that he must keep a distance.
Call the police and ask them to make a report.
Don't face this person directly or communicate with him.
Aloha Amy: if a family member is a male caregiver to our mother, which public restroom does he need to take her?
Our mother is legally blind and needs some help.
We just don't want to have any problems due to the limited number of family restrooms.
Thank you in advance for letting our hearts rest.
We care about kupununa in Hawaii ". —
KAloha K: No hardand-
Quick rules on this, so I will rely on my own experience as a regular visitor to the public women's restroom (
Occasionally, men will also be used.
But this is another story of another day).
A man's restroom may get a woman lost, and I don't think your mother would like to use the restroom.
So do what she likes.
There are always separate booths in the women's toilets.
The public area is only used for washing hands, grooming and adjusting the buttocks.
Nothing particularly personal is that a gentleman can get into trouble without seeing it.
If a man shouts, "Ladies, I want to bring my mom in to the toilet --can we enter?
"You will ask the woman in the bathroom to raise her head.
You may also meet at least one woman who is more than happy to help her.
If possible, be sure to use the stalls provided for the disabled
The room was much more spacious.
I have helped elderly women many times in the public restroom.
My own experience of taking care of older family members has made me eager to try to help in situations full of challenges or embarrassment --
But this should not be the case.
After all, you kupuna (“elder”)
The need to use a public restroom means she is out and walking and squashed by a loving and responsible relative. This is GREAT.
Dear Amy: The letter "Whipping Boi" raised some concerns for me.
When I read the story of a girlfriend who is very controlling, I suspect you will call it abuse.
Imagine that I was surprised when you did this. Thank you. —
I want this guy to take my advice-to leave.
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