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超级十一选五前三组走势图:water polo assistant coach accused of sexually abusing students due in court - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
water polo assistant coach accused of sexually abusing students due in court  -  best cctv camera
Johannesburg -
A former Parktown Boys High School assistant water polo coach has allegedly sexually dressed more than 20 students and is expected to appear in the South hauden High Court in Johannesburg on Friday. The 22-year-
The old man, who is also an assistant boarding master, faces 160 charges, including sexual assault and attempted murder.
The complainants were victims of children aged 15 and 16.
The former assistant coach of the Parktown Boys faces more than 160 allegations, including sexual assault in a statement issued by May. Nicholas Grayling, president of the Parktown Boys Senior Management Agency, said that the alleged sexual abuse was exposed on November 3, 2016.
A teacher watched CCTV footage of the school dormitory and saw a supposedly stroking and fumbling 15-year-old pupil.
Grayling said the police immediately contacted the police and arrested the alleged perpetrator on the same day.
The next day, he informed the education department of houden.
"The school banned him from entering the property before the hearing, but he resigned immediately," Grayling said . ".
Gordon education MEC panyza Lesufi has previously said that despite alleged misconduct by the school, the Parktown boy is still one of the top schools in the province.
"I think your school is one of the best performing schools in the province for sports or academic performance.
We need to protect this so that no one will tamper with that history. "Lesufi said at a rally at the school.
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